Discover Vienna’s old town – by day and night

Winding alleys and hidden spots

Around Vienna’s Schwedenplatz, you will find the oldest part of Vienna: And while these inner courtyards and passages, narrow winding alleys and cobbled paths may not be so attractive for high heels, they are perfect if you want to immerse yourself in the city’s history.

mittelalterlicher Bereich in der Stadt Wien mit alten Häusern
Old street in Vienna © yarchyk /

Historical door plates, pretty streetlights and magical fountains bear witness to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, while exquisite restaurants and cafes, and fine boutiques have brought today’s lifestyle to this world that lies so steeped in history.

alte Gasse, Durchgang für und mit Menschen
Old alley © iloveotto /

The highlights of the old town include the house where Mozart died, the Greek quarter with its beautiful church and surprising inner courtyards and passageways.

Discover the old town alone or with a guide

Along with the chance to discover Vienna’s old town and its historical angles, a number of Viennese tour guides offer separate city walking tours. On these, visitors can also discover the stories behind the houses and courtyards, learn anecdotes from times gone by, or are even told of the sources of many Viennese sayings – which usually turn out to be rather gruesome.

The Jugendstil and Historicism, Biedermeier and baroque architecture not only hides simple courtyards, but also human fate – often from famous celebrities such as musicians, poets, or nobility.

Menschen gehen durch die Gasse
Old Town alley © Althea M.

Tips for a stroll through the old town

The easiest way to explore the old inner city of Vienna without a tour guide is by starting at Schwedenplatz. Simply get off at underground station Schwedenplatz (lines U1 and U4) and head towards Stephansplatz from there on foot!

In doing so, you will not only discover the old town and its enchanted alleys, facades, churches, fountains, and monuments, but you can also dine in some superb restaurants, take a break in one of the traditional cafes, or enjoy the stunning pedestrian zone on Rotenturmstraße or am Graben.

This walking tour – which takes you straight through Vienna’s past and present – is also especially beautiful at night. The thrilling alleyways, the magnificent St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the waiting carriage horses are some particularly enchanting sights at night.