Vienna districts – map of Vienna districts

The city of Vienna is today divided into 23 districts, Vienna Districts. However, this was not always the case. Because up until the middle of the 19th century, the urban area of ​​Vienna consisted only of today’s 1st district, the inner city. To secure the city, this urban area of ​​the inner city was also surrounded by city walls. These served to fortify and protect the city. We have listed the current city map of Vienna for the districts in this article.

Vienna districts – map of Vienna districts

The borders at that time were changed during the time of Emperor Franz Joseph and the overall urban picture was renewed. The ring road with many historic buildings and the tram were built along the free space. The area of ​​​​Viennese districts 1 to 9 and 20 still forms the core of urban life today. Because of their geographical location within the belt, these districts are also referred to as inner districts.

Outside the original core area there used to be hunting lodges and stately homes or small communities which have “merged” over time. Due to the preservation of many parks and green areas, there are still green islands and recreation areas within the city today. The outermost districts of Vienna are no longer so heavily populated, these already consist of large areas for wine cultivation and forest areas.

Darstellung der Wiener Bezirke auf einer Karte(c) Can Stock Photo / sALfr20iz

Districts in Vienna with postal code / postal code Vienna

The former communities around the inner city were merged, but the names of these localities were retained. Below is a list of all districts with the name of the district, the postal code Vienna 1st district to 23rd district.

  1. District: Innere Stadt 1010 Vienna
  2. District: Leopoldstadt 1020 Vienna
  3. District: Landstraße 1030 Vienna
  4. District: Wieden 1040 Vienna
  5. District: Margareten 1050 Vienna
  6. District: Mariahilf 1060 Vienna
  7. District: Neubau 1070 Vienna
  8. District: Josefstadt 1080 Vienna
  9. District: Alsergrund 1090 Vienna
  10. District: Favoriten 1100 Vienna
  11. District: Simmering 1110 Vienna
  12. District: Meidling 1120 Vienna
  13. District: Hietzing 1130 Vienna
  14. District: Penzing 1140 Vienna
  15. District: Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus 1150 Vienna
  16. District: Ottakring 1160 Vienna
  17. District: Hernals 1170 Vienna
  18. District: Währing 1180 Vienna
  19. District: Döbling 1190 Vienna
  20. District: Brigittenau 1200 Vienna
  21. District: Floridsdorf 1210 Vienna
  22. District: Donaustadt 1220 Vienna
  23. District: Liesing 1230 Vienna

There are 23 districts in total. The largest district in terms of area is Donaustadt, the smallest district is Josefstadt. If you compare the number of inhabitants, then most of the inhabitants live in Favoriten and the smallest number of inhabitants is in the district of Inner City. Vienna Airport, shown on the map as Vienna International Airport, is located in the Lower Austrian municipality of Schwechat, about 16 kilometers from the center of Vienna. Despite its location in Lower Austria, the airport with the postcode A-1300 Vienna has a number 1 used for Vienna postcodes or the telephone area code 01 for Vienna, and the name “Airport” is also communicated on the place-name signs.