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Bathing lakes and bathing ponds – swimming near Vienna

When the bath time starts again, the best bathing spots near the bathing lakes and ponds are in high demand. The urban baths are usually filled in midsummer, therefore, the bathing possibilities in the area of Vienna are a good alternative. The selection goes from bathing ponds to beautiful lakes. This is how to really enjoy the summer!

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Bathing lakes or bathing ponds near Vienna

  1. Tullner Aubad
  2. Strandbad Klosterneuburg
  3. Badeteich Gerasdorf
  4. Badeteich Süßenbrunn
  5. Badeteich Hirschstetten
  6. Badeteich Seestadt Aspern
  7. Ozean Badeteich Guntramsdorf
  8. Windradlteich Guntramsdorf
  9. Badeteich Laxenburg
  10. Badeteich Seeschlacht in Langenzersdorf
  11. 100 Tage Sommer in Brunn am Gebirge
  12. Kahrteich in Wiener Neudorf
  13. Badeteich Oberwaltersdorf
  14. Donaualtarm Greifenstein
  15. Strombad Kritzendorf

Tullner Aubad – bathing near vienna

In Tulln on the Danube is located near the Danube the recreation area “Aubad”. In the center of this, a bathing lake spreads on around 50,000 m². Around the lake there is a 45m long waterslide, a 18m long waterslide, playgrounds, beach volleyball courts, fitness trail and a sandy beach for children.

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