Vienna’s local mountains – mountains near Vienna

Is it difficult to hike near the city of Vienna? No way – the “Viennese local mountains” are just outside the gates of Vienna. These are easily accessible and impress with their fantastically beautiful views and a wide variety of marked hiking trails. The mountains near Vienna are located on the eastern edge of the Alps and south of the Vienna Woods and are ideal as a hiking and excursion destination due to their proximity to the capital.

Vienna’s local mountains – mountains near Vienna

The “Vienna local mountains” include the Hohe Wand, the Schneeberg and the Raxalpe. However, the demarcation is not very clear. Often the Semmering and others, such as the region of the Kalten Kuchl, the Ochsattel, the Rohrer Sattel and St. Aegyds are also included. All are only about an hour’s drive from the big city – hence the name. Hiking trails can be found here in all levels of difficulty. Those who want to take an easy walk will find what they are looking for, as will those who want to face the challenge of a demanding via ferrata.

A good option for a day trip is also to visit Myra Falls. The numerous waterfalls are not only an eye-catcher, but also provide refreshment on hot summer days. However, the “Vienna local mountains” are not only an absolute recommendation in the warm months. In winter, the area of ​​Schneeberg, Hoher Wand, Rax and Semmering is ideal for skiing and has thus become the first port of call for countless skiers from the federal capital.

Below you will find some information about the “Viennese local mountains” Hohe Wand, Schneeberg, Raxalpe and Semmering.

Hohe Wand

The densely wooded nature park in the Vienna Alps is characterized by its special flora and fauna and is a popular family and leisure paradise. The mountain road leads to about 1,000 meters above sea level without much effort. On the various hiking trails there is, among other things, a rock path, a lookout tower or a lookout terrace to discover. In good weather you can enjoy an excellent view.


At 2,076 meters, the Schneeberg is the highest mountain in Lower Austria. There are no limits to your wanderlust with more than 80 kilometers of hiking trails and alpine climbs. The Schneeberg promises an incomparable panoramic view of the valley basin of Puchberg up to Lake Neusiedl. A great way to get up the mountain comfortably is to take a ride on the Schneebergbahn. It takes just 40 minutes to get to 1,800 meters above sea level.


The Rax offers many options to get a taste of fresh, clear alpine air. Paths lead over gravel paths, alpine meadows and fields past breathtaking vantage points. A comfortable way to get to the 1,540 meter high plateau is the Rax cable car. The mountains near Vienna – Wiener Hausberge, Raxalpe and Schneeberg, are separated from each other by a spectacular valley. There flows the Schwarza, which is one of the cleanest waters in Austria.


You can escape the stress of everyday life on a trip to the high-altitude health resort of Semmering at 1,000 meters above sea level. There are hiking trails of different lengths and levels of difficulty to choose from. Big and small visitors will love nature including the fantastic scenery.