The Green Prater: from Lauf-Strecke to Lust-Haus

the recreation area around the Viennese Wurstelprater

Meadows and forests, playgrounds and dog zones, paved paths and avenues: The Green Prater – the recreational area around the Viennese Wurstelprater – is pure nature. In the middle of the big city Vienna lies the huge 600 hectare green area. Squirrels, crows and other wild animals use the more than 2,500 trees that are also used by human visitors – for a walk in the shade or for resting under the leaves roof.

der grüne Prater mit einer Vielzahl an Bäumen im Herbst, mit Laub auf den Wegen
Prater Wien © ZweipixeL /

Recreation area and free space for leisure

Even skaters, runners, riders and cyclists will find in the green Prater wide flat routes. BMX track or the stadium bath attract even more sports action. And often the Fiakers – Vienna’s traditional horse-drawn carriages – drive through the Green Prater.

A culinary break can be taken in the Lusthaus – a today’s restaurant, which in the old days was a hunting pavilion of the emperor. Of course, this also pleases the students of the new WU building, which was built on the edge of the idyllic area.

Seitenansicht des Restaurants Lusthaus im Prater
Lusthaus im Prater © Schaub-Walzer / PID

It gets even horseier in the trotting track Kriau, a – now modernized – meeting place for racing friends since the end of the 19th century. Golfers in turn punch into the Golf Club Freudenau. And urban walkers and picnickers, the Green Prater is an important term.

Location of the Green Prater

Address: located at the traffic junction Praterstern, 1020 Vienna

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