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Sightseeing tours by bike, Fiaker, Cabrio and sightseeing buses through Vienna

City tours through Vienna’s city center, including Vienna Sightseeing tours to the most beautiful castles or organized city tours are very popular ways to get to know the city better. There are many ideas for a Vienna tour. In the meantime, some new offers have been added to the well-known types such as sightseeing bus tours or Fiaker round trips. Among the most interesting types include city tours on a Segway or organized bike tours.

Zwischenstopp Vienna Sightseeing Bus vor der Parkanlage Volksgarten Wien
Vienna Sightseeing © Zr

Sightseeing Tours Vienna – City Tours

From my own experience, you should plan a trip through Vienna on your first visit on the first day. By means of a city tour you immediately get a great overview of the sights of the city. Especially the bus trips of the hop-on hop-off buses bring the tourists and excursionists in all relevant parts of the city.

In the following days, there are some special offers such as cycling tours in a small group or guided tours through the city on foot or by Segway. Of course, you can also get to know the city by means of guided mountain bike tours or along a long-distance trail.

Bus tours with the hop-on hop-off buses

Unser Tipp für Wien-Urlauber ist auf jeden Fall die Nutzung der Angebote der Wiener Vorteilskarten. Diese bieten nicht nur Ermäßigungen oder freie Eintritte in viele der Sehenswürdigkeiten, sondern inkludieren auch Fahrten mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln bzw. Hop-On Hop-Off – Bussen.

Our tip for Vienna vacationers is definitely the use of the offers of the Viennese advantage cards. These not only offer discounts or free entry into many of the attractions, but also include public transport and hop-on hop-off buses.

Tickets for a city tour

Here we have listed some top offers for you.

Round trip in the city center of Vienna with the Fiaker

For small tours through the streets of Vienna’s center, carriage rides on the Viennese Fiakern are ideal. A romantic drive for lovers is the best way to explore the city.