Teahouses – cosy establishments where you can relax

Specialist shops forming a perfect alternative to the coffeehouses

The typical Viennese institution that is coffeehouse culture and, of course, also the coffeehouse writers that used the café as a workshop for their work, are well-known across the globe and were designated part of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2011. However, teahouses and specialist tea shops also have a long tradition in Vienna and also represent new, modern insiders’ tips.

aus einer Keramikteekanne läuft Tee in eine Keramikschüssel
Teahouse CC0 Pixabay

Where are the most highly recommended teahouses in Vienna?

JägerTEE – Vienna’s oldest specialist tea shop

You may hardly believe it, but there is a teashop in Vienna that has already existed for 150 years. JägerTEE was founded in 1862 and since then, it has carried a wide selection of tea varieties, from green tea, white tea and black tea too oolong tea. Here, you can try the best qualities of tea in the world and even mix them yourself.

The assortment in this nostalgic shop is broad and in the Tea Room, you can taste all varieties of tea straight away.

Haas & Haas – at Stephansplatz

Centrally located, right on Stephansplatz, you will find the teashop Haas&Haas. Here, you can enjoy traditional afternoon tea with suited dishes in a refined atmosphere. The varieties offered range from British, Russian and East Frisian teas.

Cha No Ma – Teehaus Wien

The Cha No Ma Teahouse invites you to take a trip to Japan. It is a place for relaxation, offering originally Japanese Matcha tea, in the form of a smoothie for beginners or Sencha green tea.

Location: This teahouse is immediately by the Naschmarkt


TeeGschwendner im Schönbichler

You will find plenty of Viennese charm at the Schönbichler Teashop. Over old, stylish tea caddies and shelves, here you can while away the hours in the Theegalerie. You can enjoy a wonderful view with breakfast or a traditional afternoon tea.

Location: Near St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Teehaus Arttee

At Teehaus Artee, you can buy and try high quality green teas, oolong teas, white teas, black teas, Pu-erh teas as well as Chinese herbal teas.

Location: Near the “Museumsquartier” art area

Demmer Teesalon

Born in London, Andrew Demmer lived and loved tea and the idea of running his own shop in Vienna. In 1981, the first Demmers Teehaus was opened in the Mölker Bastei. From then on, further branches sprung up in Vienna, throughout Austria and even beyond its borders.

Inside these tea salons, over 300 different quality teas and numerous tea accessories are on offer today.

Location: Near Vienna University and the Votivkirche