The 7 best burger restaurants in Vienna

In addition to the large-scale burger chains, many great restaurants have focused on burgers in recent years. These burger restaurants in Vienna are no longer just about the run-of-the-mill label with a little meat in it, but rather about exciting burger creations.

The 7 best burger restaurants in Vienna

Burger Restaurant Rinderwahn

The madness knows no bounds here “Rinderwahn“, hence the name mad cow disease. Local beef is offered in burgers with funny names such as “Juicy Elsa”, “Blue Toni” or “Bella Luisa”. The veggie version: “Portobello filled with cheddar & cream cheese, avocado..” offered.

XO Grill by XO Beef

The XO Grill by XO Beef restaurant offers meat from local cattle “Aged

The burger makers

When it comes to Burgermacher, the following applies: “Everything that can be made at home is also made at home.” Home-minced meat, ketchup based on a specially developed recipe, home-made fries and freshly prepared mayonnaise with extra virgin olive oil give the burgers a special personal touch.

Le Burger Restaurants in Vienna

There are now 4 restaurants directly in Vienna under the brand “Le Burger”. The burgers here are guaranteed to be handmade using regional ingredients. You can also create your own burgers here.

Addicted to Rock Bar

Addicted to Rock Bar

1516 Brewing Company

1516 Brewing Company – Englisches Pub

Burgers Bar Wien

Burgers Bar Wien – Burger Kreationen