Travel tip: A perfect weekend in Vienna

Discover the perfect weekend in Vienna!

This wintry video tour leads from Hotel Altstadt Vienna into the evening-time old town – with crooked streets such as Blutgasse or historical buildings, like that in which Mozart held his first concert in Vienna. A stop in Café Demel makes for a sweet break.

Café Sperl has, in turn, perfectly transported its past to modern times: Just like in the past, today you will find readers, writers, and debaters sitting in its cosy interior, while mobile phones have deliberately been left in handbags.

The tour goes on to the Franciscan Church, which is home to the oldest organ in Vienna. A visit to the world-famous Viennese designer Lena Hoschek – and her bold, colourful outfits – makes the tour complete, before topping it off with dinner in a restaurant with maximum room for just 10 people. And with the best organic cuisine offered, the first day in Vienna is done!

Saturday – weekend in vienna

Start the day with an ample breakfast and in a happily relaxed atmosphere at Hotel Altstadt Vienna. Afterwards, head to the Hofburg and visit the original rooms of the Habsburgs. Your eyes will be drawn to the bedroom and personal gym of the beloved Empress Sisi. Following this, pay a visit to the Spanish Riding School – and to the stunning white Lipizzaner stallions. Afterwards, visit the “House of Three Girls” (Dreimäderlhaus), where composer Schubert once spent some time living with three women at the same time. You can buy your souvenirs from a very special shop: in Wiedie, which exclusively offers “genuine” souvenirs that have been produced in Vienna.

In the evening, follow an experience Viennese tour guide on the “Scary Tour”: This leads through the partly spooky old town of Vienna and does not hold back on true stories from a sometimes bloody past. One stop is Augustinerstraße 12, which was home to Elisabeth (Hungarian: Erzsébet) Báthory at the cutting point of the 16th to the 17th century – in the commonly called “Hungarian House”. Here, the “Blood Countess”, as she is nicknamed today, brutally murdered countless young girls. Nobody helped the girls even though their screams could be heard from afar. After this morbid conclusion, you will be able to enjoy an especially good night’s sleep – back at the hotel.

Sunday in vienna

Sunday morning is perfect for a trip to Museumsquartier and to the MUMOK. Afterwards, head to the wintry Prater park, where most attractions are in hibernation for the winter. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to take a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel, ending your perfect weekend in Vienna in style.