Muslim Halal Holiday Vienna

Vienna is known to be popular among tourists from the whole world, being one of the top destinations for city trips in Europe. Even though it is often associated with classical Western sights and culture it has become a great destination for halal holidays, too. Vienna is an extremely Muslim friendly city with a vital local Muslim community and many great halal restaurants.

Außenansicht Schloss Belvedere
Belvedere CC0 Zr

Muslim Halal Holiday Vienna

Vienna is known to be a center for music and culture. It has been the hometown of many famous composers, artists, and writers influencing Vienna’s cultural life and coining its reputation as a cultural capital. There is a great number of historical places to visit, some being tightly coupled to Muslim history as Vienna was almost conquered twice by the Turks. Many call the two sieges the most important conflicts between Christian and Muslim belief in European history.

About 8.4 million Muslim people live in Vienna accounting for around 13 percent of the population. Thus, while many tourists like to visit the many famous churches of Vienna, it is equally interesting to explore the numerous mosques of the city, often being very modern and active places. Many other tourist attractions like the Schönbrunn Palace, the Opera House, the Belvedere Vienna and the many museums will give you an impression of the beauty of the city. In addition to that, Vienna is a very safe and clean city, its many parks call for family walks or potlucks and it is often sunny. The Jewish Museum is another core attraction as it shows Jewish life in Vienna and addresses Vienna’s role during the Holocaust.

Building on a rich and diverse history and having developed into one of the most international capitals in Europe, the Viennese people are open-minded and show great acceptance for cultural diversity. If you want to wear a hijab, you do not have to worry about strange looks or comments.

Halal Hotels and Restaurants

More than 50 halal restaurants, all serving Arab or Asian food, can be explored in the city. Some are part of hotels, such as OPUS, which belongs to the luxury hotel “Hotel Imperial Vienna”. It is possible to pre-order halal food or even name individual wishes. The Turkish restaurant “Kent” is widely praised for its Turkish cuisine. It was founded by the first generation of Turkish immigrants in Vienna. If you want to have a typical Viennese experience, you should visit one of the many coffeehouses during the day. They serve wonderful cakes and coffee, making a coffeehouse the ideal destination for a break while sightseeing or shopping.

The Hotel Imperial Vienna is one of the most elegant hotels in Vienna and hosts many Arab Muslim guests. Both at the Imperial as well as at the Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom, guests are equipped with their own prayer mat, compass and a Koran. You can also watch Arab TV and have halal dishes.

Tourist Passes

If you wish to go to Vienna, you can buy several different tourist passes to combine tourist attractions or book a guided tour to learn more about the city’s history. Look forward to a beautiful place and a great cultural experience!