The 10 best Halal restaurants in Vienna

What exactly does Halal mean? Many people in Austria have already heard about the term, but it is often unclear what is meant by it. Generally speaking, Halal refers to the dietary laws that are rooted in Islam. Translated from Arabic, this word means “allowed” and means things that are permitted under Islamic law. In Vienna you will find a large selection of Halal restaurants serving Halal food.

Fladenbrot und Halal-Essen
Arabic cuisine CC0 Pixabay

In addition to the Arabic restaurants, Halal-style meat is also prepared in Turkish and African cuisine. Only animals that have been slaughtered in accordance with the rules are eaten. The diversity of Halal-style meat specialties is high, ranging from lamb, chicken, beef to delicious desserts.

The demand in Austria is large and so have other kitchens adopted this style. For example, a halal pizza can be found at the Italian or a halal crunchy duck at the Chinese.

The top 10 Halal restaurants in Vienna

Demi Tass

Restaurant Demi Tass offers Halal-style Indian and Asian food on its menu.

Berliner Döner Vienna

Turkish dishes such as kebab or Dürüm can be enjoyed at the Berliner Döner Wien, Zieglergasse 33A.


If you would like to try halal-style grilled specialties, visit the Apadana in the fifth district.

Der Wiener Deewan

True to the motto “pay what you like” presented the Viennese Deewan. There is a buffet of Pakistani food and at the end you pay as much as you can eat.

Pars Restaurant

If you want to taste Halal-style Persian specialties, Pars Restaurant is the place for you.

Ali’s Grill

The Halal restaurant, Ali’s Grill, is centrally located near the Opera House and offers Anatolian folk cuisine.

Tawa Indian Restaurant

Delicious Halal-style Indian food awaits guests at the Tawa Indian Restaurant in Vienna’s fifth district.

Türkis City – Oriental Food

As the name implies, you can find the fast food restaurant “Türkis“, which focuses on oriental specialties.

Indien Village

A piece of India brings the restaurant Indien Village to Vienna and promises various halal specialties.