Dine at free prices – pay as you wish

“Pay as you wish” – this means that each guest decides independently how much he wants to pay for the meal. Just as the denomination or agreement “fair use” mitigates the monthly fluctuations in some payment subscriptions of telecommunications and you do not have to pay more for smaller transgressions of the fixed frame, so does this principle and thus pay some guests less and some like more for the menu offered.

This solidarity with each other allows everyone to a financial freedom adapted food and the operators of the premises get the expenses with the revenues reimbursed. Of course, this only works if this is also accepted fairly and the guests pay fairly for the consumed food.

ein Teller Tomatensuppe mit Rukola
tomatosoup CC0 Pixabay

The Wiener Deewan

The Wiener Deewan is a Pakistani restaurant that offers its menus according to the “pay as you wish” principle. Pay what you want, but be fair 🙂

Adress: Liechtensteinstraße 10, 1090 Vienna


Cafe Gagarin –  Pay as you wish

Also in the Cafe Gagarin the principle “pay as you wish” is lived and left to the customers how much they want to pay for the service or the food. The cafe offers many alternatives, especially biological or vegatarian and vegan food.

Adress: Garnisongasse 24, 1090 Vienna