Exhibitions and tips for 2020

Although the year 2020 can not be completely filled with previews, there are already some permanent exhibitions to announce.

Austellung von Gemälden in der Albertina inkl. BesucherInnen
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9 exhibition tips for the year 2020

1. Belvedere

not yet known.

2. Kunsthistorisches Museum

At the beginning of the year 2020, ie until 19 January 2020, the Kunsthistorisches Museum is still running the exhibition Caravaggio & Bernini – A Revolution in the Arts. Both the painter Caravaggio and the sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini are among those Old Masters who enjoy great popularity to this day. About 60 main works of the two artists will be exhibited.

From October 2020 to January 2021, the exhibition “The First Renaissance in the North – Holbein, Burgkmair and the art in the age of the Fugger” starts. The content shows how the city of Augsburg, home of wealthy merchants such as the Fugger and favorite residence of Maximilian I, was influenced by the Renaissance of Italy at the beginning of the 16th century. The approximately 150 works by Hans Holbein, Hans Burgkmair and works by Dürer, Bellini and other German, Italian and Dutch artists from this period are on display.

3. Albertina

From 11 October 2019 to 12 January 2020, drawings from the Guerlain Collection will be exhibited at the Center Pompidou. As the first museum in Central Europe, the Albertina gives an insight into the collecting activity of the Guerlains.

4. Literaturmuseum

Vienna – A City in the Mirror of Literature” is the title of the exhibition, which will be held from April 12, 2019 to February 16, 2020 in the Literature Museum of the Austrian National Library.

5. MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts

From December 18, 2019 to April 13, 2020, the MAK will focus on the works of the German carpenter Michael Thonet and exhibit his works in the MAK exhibition hall under the title BUGHOLZ, VIELSCHICHTIG Thonet and the modern furniture design. As part of the exhibition, the great role played by Thonet, which also played a key role in modern furniture design through the development of world-renowned bentwood furniture, was discussed. The best known and one of the best-selling pieces of furniture in the world is chair no. 14, which was produced in 1859.

The exhibition “OTTO PRUTSCHER – Allgestalter der Wiener Moderne” starts on 20 November 2019. His works will be exhibited until 17 May 2020 in the MAK Contemporary Art Collection. Prutscher was a design architect and designer or a member of all important reform art movements, from the Secession to the Wiener Werkstätte and the Werkbund.

6. Theatermuseum

Until 10th February 2020, the exhibition “Alles danzt – Kosmos Wiener Tanzmoderne” was on display in the Theater Museum.

7. Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien

The exhibition “Gerhard Richter” will be dedicated to the artist Gerhard Richter at the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien from 14 October 2020 until 24 January 2021. Shown is an extensive retrospective of his landscapes. The exhibition will feature around 100 exhibits, ranging from photographs, prints to drawings.

8. Leopold Museum

In the period from November 15, 2019 to April 20, 2020, the Leopold Museum is dedicated to German Expressionism, displaying works from the Braglia and Johenning collections. On display are some 120 exhibits featuring works by Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel, Wassily Kandinsky, Alexei Jawlensky, Marianne von Werefkin, August Macke and Franz Marc, as well as Paula Modersohn-Becker, Paul Klee and Lionel Feininger.

9. mumok

Classic modernism from the mumok collection will be exhibited from 08th November 2019 to 13th April 2020.