Cake Shop Vienna – confectioners with a long tradition

noble handmade desserts

Already in imperial times, the noble desserts had a high priority. Therefore, only a select circle of confectioners was allowed to supply the imperial court or to call itself imperial and royal (short k.u.k.) purveyor to the court. Under the then Zuckerbäckerein this honor was awarded among other succeeding companies, which operate even today a Konditorei Vienna or a coffee house.

production of traditional viennese cake sacher in cafe-patisserie zacher cafe on the main street of vienna
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Confectionery Vienna – K.u.K. Hoflieferanten

  • Zuckerbäckerei Demel
  • L.Heiner
  • Konditorei Gerstner
  • Hotel Sacher
  • Conditorei Sluka
  • Hotel Imperial, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Vienna

Demel – K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker Vienna – founded in 1786

Since 1786, the Viennese sugar confectionery has been celebrated in the Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel. Already Emperor Franz Josef I and his Elisabeth had the delicacies of the sugar confectionery Demel delivered to the Hofburg. The tradition has been preserved to this day, as well as the Demel salons in beautiful Rococo style have remained.

L. Heiner – K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker – founded in 1840

The Viennese lovingly call the Hofzuckerbäcker “Der Heiner“. Founded in 1840 as a small bakery in the Wollzeile, the well-known Heiner Café pastry shop developed in the center of Vienna.

Gerstner K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker – founded in 1847

Another traditional company is the Konditorei Gerstner on Kärntnerstraße. Since 1847, the finest pastries and fine cakes have been made by hand. In 1873, the royal court was even commissioned by Kaiser Franz Joseph to host the World’s Fair in the Vienna Prater. Empress Elisabeth especially loved the candied violets, consisting of delicate violet flowers with a shell of sugar crystals. This sweetness still exists today and in honor of the empress it bears the name “Sisi violets“.

Hotel Sacher – opened in 1886

Although the hotel opened in 1886, the history of the cake began as early as 1832. At that time, Prince von Metternich commissioned the 16-year-old cook Franz Sacher with the production of a cake. The chef was prevented and the cook student created the most famous pastry, the Sachertorte. This masterpiece consists of chocolate, apricot jam and whipped cream and can be enjoyed in the Cafe Sacher.

Conditorei Sluka – K.u.K. Court supplier – founded in 1891

Wilhelm J. Sluka is a pastry shop and café near the Vienna City Hall. As a former k.u.k. Hoflieferant the desserts are still produced today with the traditional craftsmanship.

Hotel Imperial, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Vienna

Built as the private residence of the Duke of Württemberg, the stately palace on Vienna’s magnificent Ringstrasse was transformed into the Hotel Imperial Vienna for the 1873 World Exhibition. According to legend, the imperial cake was invented by the kitchen boy Xaver Loibner in honor of Emperor Franz Joseph I on the occasion of the opening of the hotel. The kitchen boy guarded the recipe like a treasure and it has always been a secret.

However, the enjoyment is still as exquisite today as it was in 1873: Delicately melting chocolate icing, a slightly tart aroma of almonds and the fusion of chocolate buttercream and marzipan combine to form the perfect composition. In addition to the imperial cake N° 1 THE ORIGINAL and the N° 2 SCHWARZE ORANGE, the imperial treat is enriched by the variation N° 3 FEINE HIMBEERE.