Café Sacher Wien: The cake tip in Austria

World famous cake & typical Viennese coffeehouse culture

In 1832 Franz Sacher – at the time 16 years old – was commissioned to create a cake for the guests of the Prince of Metternich. This today world-famous delicacy, the Sacher cake, consisted then as today of chocolate, jam and whipped cream. Today, the pie specialty is regarded as one of Vienna’s landmarks. Their reputation goes far beyond the borders of Austria. Today, almost 360,000 Sachertorte are shipped to all over the world every year.

Sacher-Locations: Café Sacher & Spa

In 1999, the first Café Sacher opened in Innsbruck. Only 4 years later, in 2003 the second café was opened in Graz. In the same year, the so-called Sacher Eck ‘, an elegant wine bar was opened in the Hotel Sacher in Vienna. The Sacher Spa was founded in the following two years.

interior of the famous sacher hotel bar, with people around
interior of the famous sacher hotel © greta6 /

Sacher Confiserie: Shipping to all over the world

In Vienna and Salzburg, the Sacher confectionery can be chosen from a wide range of sweet, fine and chocolate – from pies and cakes to chocolates. Through its shipping service, the team offers its visitors the opportunity to present their friends and acquaintances internationally with Viennese specialties.

sachertorte logo. sacher cake is a specific type of chocolate cake, invented by austrian franz sacher in 1832 vienna, austria.
Sachertorte © nordseegold /

Arrival and location of the coffee Sacher

Address: Philharmonikerstrasse 4, A-1010 Vienna
Public Transport: Subways: U1, U2, U4 – Station Karlsplatz, Opera, Bus: 2A – Station Kärntnerstraße, 4A – Station Karlsplatz; Trams D, 1, 2, 62, 71 – Station Kärntner Ring, Oper

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