Sachertorte recipe – an original from Vienna

World-famous pies come from Austria – especially the Viennese Sachertorte, followed by the equally well-known Linzer Torte. We want to go here a little to the bottom – or cake bottom – the two sweet specialties. What stories are hidden behind the traditional desserts for Nasch-Katzen?

Sachertorte, CC0 Suissgirl/Pixabay
Sachertorte, CC0 Suissgirl/Pixabay

The Sachertorte: a sweet original from Vienna

The Sachertorte is today a traditional bakery of Viennese cuisine. In 1832, chef-apprentice Franz Sacher created the famous chocolate cake for Prince Metternich – because the chef himself was ill. Some years later, Sacher set out to conquer the world – with his own delicatessen shop in Vienna. His son Eduard was the one at the k.u.k. Hofzucker bakery Demel further refined the Sacher cake and completed today’s original recipe.

In the 1870s he opened the now world famous Hotel Sacher, which he and his wife Anna ran. (By the way: after Anna Sacher, one of Vienna’s most exclusive top restaurants was named!) Her son Eduard continued the cake tradition at Demel – as “Eduard Sacher Torte”. To this day, the name “Sacher-Torte” is the hotel Sacher secured, while coming from the also highly regarded home of Demel “Demel Sachertorte”.

The recipe of the Sachertorte, a well-kept secret

And what about so much history in the good cake? Of course, the original recipe remains a closely guarded secret of Hotel Sacher. Variations of the fluffy chocolate cake with apricot jam in it and fine chocolate glaze can bake delicious thanks to numerous flourishing recipes! How? That will be revealed in the following video.

Video: “How to make a Sachertorte”