St. Leopold’s Church – The Leopoldsberg Church

Saint Leopold’s Church, dedicated to the Holy Margrave Leopold

Today’s Leopoldsberg Church was built in 1693, in the place where the St. John’s Chapel was destroyed during the First Siege of Vienna and  where a second chapel dedicated to Margrave Leopold III was heavily damaged during the Second Turkish Siege of Vienna. When the latter was repaired again, it was magnificently decorated, included with a picture of the Virgin Mary.

From the chapel to the church on the Leopoldsberg

In 1720, the chapel was converted into a church. The circular dome shell with its barrel-vaulted arms of the cross was expanded to include corner rooms, a foyer, and two façade spires. The classicist main altar featuring St. Leopold came about in 1790. As was customary for this time, the halo contains the name of God.

Außenansicht der Kirche am Leopoldsberg oberhalb der Stadt
Leopoldsberg Church © zechal /

Restoration work on the church and castle

A third of the church was destroyed by an aerial bomb during the Second World War. The church, as well as the castle, is currently undergoing renovations and when this is completed, should be accessible to the public for masses and celebrations once again. Because the Leopoldsberg Church is a protected monument and construction may be delayed by archaeological findings, there is no precise timescale as of yet.


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