Vienna Ring Tram: Travel guide by rail

in the 30-minute interval from Schwedenplatz

A tram ride of a special kind offer. On tour with the Vienna Ring Tram, the “Bim” (= tram) travelers will learn about the sights via screens and headphones.

This way, information about the buildings that are being passed is transmitted in real time. Among other things to State Opera and Hofburg, Parliament and City Hall or the various sumptuous Palais along the boulevard of the Boulevard of Vienna.

die gelbe Wiener Ring Tram in Fahrt
Ring Tram – CC0 Anemone123/Pixabay

A ride on the Vienna Ring Tram Tour

The almost half-hour drive is accompanied by eight different languages – from German and English to Spanish and Japanese. For all fans of the “Mundl” (= the nationally known TV character of a “real Viennese”, who does not mince his words – presented by actor Karl Merkatz), the dialect of Merkatz can also be selected.

Extra for Kids: You can also book your own children’s tours – especially for schools, a fun and instructive ride is possible.

Start and end of the round trip: Entry and exit is at the station Schwedenplatz, platform C

(Departure always from 10am to 5.30pm – every half hour and full hour!)

We have compiled further tour tips for city tours through Vienna for you. Alternatively to the rides on rail and bus, there is also a nice offer in which you can go by Segway and bike through Vienna.