The 7 best fish restaurants in Vienna

Enjoy fresh fish and seafood in our top fish restaurants

Fish can be prepared in a variety of ways and tastes good. On top of that, it’s also very healthy. Nutritionists recommend eating fish as it contains especially easily digestible fish protein that our body requires to build muscle. The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish protect against inflammation, boost the immune system and support brain function.

Whether fried, steamed, grilled or even just raw – fish can be prepared in a range of ways. The fish served at Viennese fish restaurants not only comes from the sea, but also mainly from Austria rivers and lakes.

Teller mit köstlichem Abendessen in einem Lokal
Restaurant CC0 Unsplash / Pixabay

Here are our top 7 fish restaurants worth visiting in Vienna:

1. Kornat – Fish Restaurant

The fish restaurant Kornat offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The family-run restaurant spoils its guests with all possible fish varieties, fresh fish, seafood… right down to its all-popular “Brodetto” stew. For many guests, this fish restaurant is a gourmet location and a place for fans of Croatian-Dalmatian cuisine.

2. Nautilus Fish Restaurant

This fish restaurant offering fish specialities and seafood is a true representation of what the Naschmarkt stands for. Inside the nautical, Mediterranean atmosphere of the Nautilus Fish Restaurant, delicacies are presented from the seas of the world.

3. Umar on the Naschmarkt

Another restaurant on the Naschmarkt is Umarfisch, which offers a wide selection of fish dishes. It receives fresh deliveries three times a week, so be sure to ask about the catch of the day when visiting.

4. Konoba Pescaria

The restaurant Konoba-Pescaria is a traditional, Croatian fish restaurant and at the same time, one of the best classic Dalmatian restaurants in the city.

5. Lubin – Fish Restaurant

The restaurant Lubin has the major advantage of being both a fish shop and fish restaurant. The fish served here is therefore sourced directly from Croatia..

6. Konoba

The Konoba restaurant also presents Croatian friendliness and cosiness. The cuisine is highly authentic and guests can even watch the fish being grilled.

7. Restaurant Ragusa

The Croatian-run Restaurant Ragusa spoils fish lovers with top quality. The location is perfect, with this seafood restaurant located right next to the Sigmund Freud Museum, near Schottentor.