Danube Cycle Path Wachau – the TOP cycling route through the Wachau

Cycling on the famous cycle route through the Wachau

The Danube Cycle Path is a cycle path that can be used as a bike path along the Danube from the source to the Black Sea. He is also part of the EuroVelo Route EV6. The Lower Austrian part of the Danube cycle path is signposted “R6 Donauradweg” and leads to a large part through the Wachau – Danube Cycle Path Wachau.

Radfahrer unterwegs auf dem Donauradweg
cyclist © KWi

Coming from Melk, you can do the bike tour on both sides of the Danube, through the Wachau. While cycling, you can admire the vineyard, the orchard and the historic buildings. After the tour through the Wachau you come to the city of Krems. If you have not already visited one of the numerous wine taverns on the bike path, you should definitely take a break in the town of Krems.

Danube bike path north shore: Emmersdorf – Krems

This route leads from Emmersdorf on the Danube (opposite the town of Melk, ie on the other side of the Danube) along the northern bank of the Danube through the Wachau to the town of Krems. It goes past and through the famous wine-growing communities such as Spitz on the Danube. White churches in the Wachau and Dürnstein with the famous castle ruins Dürnstein and the blue church.

Danube bike path wachau south shore: Melk – Mautern

This route leads from the gate to Wachau, ie the town of Melk along the southern bank of the Danube to the town of Mautern. It goes past the monastery Schönbühel, Kartause Aggsbach, castle ruins Aggstein, to Rossatz and of course in the important for the Roman city Mautern.

Along the southern shore stage of the Danube Cycle Path, there are many winegrowers and wine taverns and also a beautiful view of the opposite community Dürnstein.

Along these cycle routes there are many castles and palaces in the Wachau to see.