Magna Racino – Europe’s most modern racecourse

Equestrian sports park with horse racing in Ebreichsdorf

Right next to the city of Vienna is Europe’s most modern racecourse, the Magna Racino. On an area of more than 200 hectares is a perseport park where equestrian events are held. There are 900 fixed boxes available for the adjusters and tournament participants, and the event and catering area is designed for more than 500 guests. From the three-tier grandstand you can watch the races during the tournament and cheer on the participants.

drei Pferde auf einer Pferderennbahn
horse race CC0 Pixabay

Magna Racino – Tournaments

At about 20 weekends of the year and 11 racing days, there is a busy season here. It is truly an experience to be at one of these tournament weekends, or to experience a race day. The panoramic restaurant offers a beautiful view of the racetracks.

The offer is also interesting for families, because on the days of the race there are ponies for riders and cuddles for children from the age of 3 or child care is offered in the afternoons.

More information about the riding events.