The city of Melk at the Danube

The city of Melk at the Danube can look back on a great history. Of course, the monastery building, which is built on a rock, is known worldwide, but below the baroque monastery there is also a cultural-historical jewel, which even counts as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Blick aus der Stadt auf das Stiftsgebäude
Stiftsgebäude Stift Melk CC0 Pixabay

The historic old town of Melk at the Danube can look back on more than 1,000 years of history. Even today you can see the city towers, the post office, the Gothic parish church and the cottage district with the famous Villa Loos. From an architectural point of view, the Old Town combines stylistic epochs such as late Gothic, Biedermeier, the Wilhelminian style and Art Nouveau.

Top sights in the city of Melk at the Danube

  • Benediktinerkloster Stift Melk
  • Die Pfarrkirche
  • Der heilige Koloman
  • Alter Brotladen
  • Haus auf dem Stein
  • Die alte Post,das schönste Posthaus Österreichs
  • Die Apotheke
  • Haus am Stein
  • Das “Melker Cottage”