Zum Schwarzen Kameel – a Viennese cult restaurant

Just a few steps away from the Graben is the Bognergasse, in the Goldenes Quartier. Along this street are hip and traditional pubs and shops. One of them is the restaurant “Zum Schwarzen Kameel”, which can look back on a long history.

Restaurant zum Schwarzen Kameel, Außenansicht
Zum Schwarzen Kameel © Zr

400 years – one of the oldest businesses in the city

In 1618 Johann Baptist Cameel opened a Gewürzkrämerei. Under the name “Kameel”, which still exists today, numerous food and wine merchants practice their activities here. The camel was even chosen as the K.u K. purveyor. The history of the restaurant continues successfully, because today’s owner family transformed it into a delicatessen and began to serve food to the wine.

Restaurant – Zum Schwarzen Kameel

After a few decades, some renovations and expansions have been carried out, so that not only celebrating in the anniversary year of the 400th anniversary, but also show some renewals. The restaurant was enlarged and a barn garden was opened in Naglergasse, at the back entrance.

Arrival and location of the restaurant

Address: Bognergasse 5, 1010 Wien
Public accessibility: on foot through the inner city or subway line U3, station Herrengasse

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