Vienna for lovers: 10 romantic tips

For lovers there are uniquely romantic locations and experiences in Vienna – not just for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Whether it’s a cozy get-together indoors or fun and exercise outdoors: in and around Vienna there are the most beautiful excursion destinations, especially for couples in love.

young couple talking in coffee shop
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Vienna for lovers: 10 romantic tips

  1. Stargazing: In the Zeiss Planetarium – located in the green Vienna Prater – you can look at the stars. If you like, you can also give your loved one your own star.
  2. Hiking with a view: City hiking trail number 4 takes you up to the Jubilee Observatory. Alternatively, we recommend circular hiking trails: Hiking in Vienna, which you can use to return to the starting point.
  3. Common port: Thanks to Vienna’s ship station in the middle of the city, you can have a romantic dinner on the Danube Canal – or go straight to Bratislava. A boat trip to the Wachau also promises pure romance.
  4. Sisi feeling: You can follow in the footsteps of the world-famous Viennese Empress Elisabeth when you visit Schönbrunn Zoo or in the original premises of “Sisi”: in Schönbrunn Palace.
  5. Blue skies in the countryside: From Vienna you can go by car or ÖBB into the blue – in the surrounding Lower Austria there are countless destinations for fun and romance for two. From historic castles to hilly vineyards (not only in the Weinviertel) to wild forests in the Waldviertel.
  6. Getting to know each other classic: Always good – a cozy date at the cinema (e.g. to see an English-language film) or an afternoon meeting for coffee. Of course, one of the classics is the romantic boat trip.
  7. Padlock on the bridge: From Italy comes the beautiful custom of expressing your love by attaching a padlock to a bridge railing. In Vienna the trend is not so pronounced. Except for a few bridges – like the Floridsdorfer Bridge, for example.
  8. Natural place by the water: There are particularly romantic places for (also nudist) swimming and relaxing – about half an hour’s drive from Vienna – on the natural Danube old arm Greifenstein.
  9. Blossom together: Whether it’s the Rose Days in June or on another day – in Baden near Vienna, the rosarium in the Doblhoffpark is in full bloom from June to October.
  10. Snack on the sky meadow: picnic for two? In Vienna, go in the middle of or high above the city. The most beautiful picnic spots are waiting!

We have put together some romantic hotels for you to spend the night in and there are also special cozy hotels in and near Vienna. Furthermore, there are of course regular bargain offers for a short break in Vienna.