6 English-language cinemas in Vienna

Watch your favourite films in their original language

As an increasingly international capital city and a destination for tourists from all over the world, Vienna’s programme for non-German speaking guests is constantly expanding. A trip to the cinema can sweeten a rainy day, but films in English have long since been more for just tourists or those who have grown up outside of the labyrinth of Austrian grammar.

How nice would it be to be able to quote your own favourite films in their original language? How lovely to not have to rely on the second-rate lip synchronisation! Thanks to several especially international cinemas, this is not a problem in Vienna.


Where are the English-language cinemas and films in Vienna?

The Artis International is located rather centrally, nearby to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It is a small cosy cinema and even shows English films without subtitles. The programme mainly includes Hollywood blockbusters and children’s films. But if that’s perhaps a bit too English for you, then we recommend Haydn Cinema on Mariahilferstraße, which offers subtitles, sweet and salted popcorn and likewise, mainly American films. Sometimes there are also live opera and theatre transmissions on their schedule.

Due to its proximity to the university, the Votiv Kino is very popular and often rather busy. Here, you can watch international and German films with subtitles. One special experience here is the cinema breakfast – a combination of cinema and breakfast buffet.

The Top Kino is just as much an experience in itself, as it is a colourful mix of club, cinema and restaurant. It predominantly shows European films and documentaries with subtitles and every year, organises an open-air film festival in the summer.

The Filmcasino draws lures visitors into the 1950s charm. This cinema is already over one hundred years old and shows European and Asian documentaries, as well as short films and independent productions. In the same way, the Burgkino shows arthouse productions as well as Hollywood films. Here, there is a traditional showing of the post-war classic “The Third Man” on a weekly basis. It’s definitely an attraction worth seeing.

To complement the range of cinemas showing English-language films, we recommend a visit to the English-speaking theatre.