Steinwandklamm – Hiking in the hiking world

The hiking village Furth is the starting point for hikes to the summits of the Gutenstein Alps and also famous for the Steinwandklamm gorge. The gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges in the east of Austria. Already in 1884, the gorge was made accessible by the Austrian Tourist Club. Since then, visitors have been able to use the roaring waterfalls for a cooling off, especially on hot days.

clammy CC0 Pixabay

romantic gorge in Lower Austria

For families, not only the shady gorges are a reason to visit this gorge, because there are along the way also theme boards, which inform about the flora and fauna.

The lower entrance is located at an altitude of about 550 meters at the Journey Reischer. After passing through the Steinwandklamm gorge you reach the cave “Türkenloch” and then to the guesthouse Jagasitz at 710 meters altitude. Here you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the Schneeberg.

From here you can either take a forest road or a hiking trail back to the starting point, alternatively continue to the Myra Falls in Muggendorf.

Hiking tour through the Steinwandklamm

Distance: 3 kilometers
Duration: 1:40 hours

Gorge and panoramic views

Distance: 8.6 kilometers
Duration: 3:30 hours

Via Ferrata: In addition to the normal passage through the gorge paths, there is also the Rudolfdeckersteig, with a difficulty level A / B