Myra Falls in Muggendorf

A 600m long gorge with waterfalls

The gorge extends over 600 metres and the subsoil of this protected natural monument is limestone. The small ponds at the upper and lower ends are especially idyllic. There are 26 bridges and numerous walkways to roam along the gorge with the Myra Falls in Muggendorf, where 5 million litres of water rush through daily. Along the path, 11 boards provide information about the history as well as the flora and fauna of the Myra Falls. At each end, there is a guesthouse where you can take a break.

Myra Falls – The force of the water

Even though the Myra river is only a few kilometres long, many sawmills and mills were driven by its force. At the end of the 19th century a movement emerged, originating from the Austrian Tourist Club, which was against the use of the Myra Falls for industry and advocated the conservation of this beauty of nature. Nevertheless, a water storage facility was built and its operation was discontinued in 1975.

Impressing even the Emperor

One board at the entrance to the gorge reminisces about a high-ranking visitor. In September 1801 Emperor Franz IIEmpress Maria Theresia, Crown Prince Ferdinand Karl Leopold Josef, and Archduchess Maria Ludovica marvelled at the Myra Falls and were surely just as enraptured with their view as visitors still are today.

Myra falls in Austria near Vienna
Myra falls / Myrafälle © eirwen /

Video about the destination in the Vienna Alps:

How to reach this excursion highlight

Address: Myrafälle 1, 2763 Muggendorf

Public transport: Arriving by train: with the Southern Railway until Wiener Neustadt. Change to the line Wr.Neustadt-Gutenstein – Final station: at the station in Pernitz/Muggendorf. Afterwards, walk 45 minutes to 1 hour for the Pernitz-Muggendorf path.
By bike: It can be directly reached via the Piestingtal cycle route. The well-signposted cycling track branches off in Pernitz and leads to the Myra Falls. E-bike users please note: There is an E-bike charging station near the entrance.

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