Sisi Vienna – Tips for Sissi Vienna Fans

Sightseeing in the footsteps of the empress

Empress Elizabeth, also known as Sisi, sometimes as Sissi, spent most of her days in Vienna. Today, the Empress still attracts many fans of the city to search for traces: her everyday life in the Hofburg, her summer residence Schönbrunn, the Hermesvilla or her carriages in the Wagenburg can be discovered by visitors today. We have collected the top tips for Sisi fans on the subject of Sisi Vienna.

Sisi Statue in Wien
Sisi Vienna CC0 Pixabay

Sisi Vienna – Tips for Sissi Vienna Fans

  • Schönbrunn, Hofburg and more

Of course, Sisi sightseeing must start here: In Schönbrunn Palace. The Habsburg summer residence was also home to Sisi. While the main exhibition is primarily devoted to the reign of Maria Theresa, Sisi herself spent a lot of time in the castle park. The Schönbrunn Zoo, for example, today the oldest still existing zoo in the world, is a real experience for young and old. In addition, the Wagenburg at Schönbrunn Palace houses a path on which the life of the empress is prepared. Finally, in the Sisi Museum in the Hofburg, you can learn everything about the tragic life of the empress. Magnificent clothes, their gymnastic equipment and much more are on display.

  • Away from the hustle and bustle

The Hermes Villa – Hermesvilla –  in the Lainzer Tiergarten was often referred to by Sisi as the “castle of [her] dreams”. In the middle of the green and very enchanted, the castle can only be viewed from the outside for several years. Inside are the couple’s private furniture. The villa is now owned by the Vienna Museum. The visit can be combined well with a walk in the extensive Lainzer Tiergarten. This is the former hunting area of the Habsburgs, which still contains many cultural sites and hiking trails.

  • A rea Experience

In Madame Tussauds Vienna, visitors can experience the Sisi Uncovered Experience: with the help of the latest technology, new life is instilled in courtly everyday life and Sisi’s life is made tangible. Three different exhibitions can be visited: a court ball with over 100 cakes and graphic artwork, Sisi’s trips to Geneva and Hungary or an exhibition about her relationship with her husband, Emperor Franz Joseph. A very personal Sisi experience!