Before Sunrise – in the footsteps of a movie

Filming locations in Vienna

Who does not know the classic “Before Sunrise” from the year 1994? In Vienna, one can walk the filming locations more than 20 years after the release of the film. The complete tour can not be done on foot, but by public transport. The stations are a bit apart, but it’s worth it! The film shows Vienna at its best.

ein Paar sitzt auf einem Dach und genießt den Sonnenaufgang
before sunrise CC0 Pixabay

Film Before Sunrise – Filming locations Vienna

Below we list the locations of the film.


One of the places that has probably changed the most is the Westbahnhof. Where used to be blue telephone signs, today there are digital displays and the whole station has turned into a glass shopping mall Bahnhofcity. Nonetheless, one feels immediately immersed in the movie.


Next, it goes to the customs office bridge. However, this is an hour’s walk away, making a trip on the subway to the station “Landstraße” rather worthwhile. From there it is only about 100m to the bridge where Jesse and Celine met two amateur actors in the movie.

Old and new

The famous record shop in Windmühlgasse 10 still looks exactly like it did in 1994. Even the interior design fits. This is the best way to get there by tram.


This magnificent square between the Natural History Museum and the Kunsthistorisches Museum is particularly well-received in the film. While Celine and Jesse cross the square, the statues are zoomed in several times and you can admire Maria Theresia in full size. In the movie, however, there are significantly fewer tourists in the square than on a normal day.

Graveyard of the Nameless

From one of the most complete filming locations to one of the quietest in Vienna, the cemetery of the Nameless. Here, the city of Vienna buries all the unknown dead and Celine and Jesse find a little silence in the noisy city. The cemetery is also very remote. The best way to get here is the Silent Harbor.

Prater – Before Sunrise

The Ferris wheel in the Prater is the setting for the scene with the first kiss between Jesse and Celine. Even that could still be experienced today with a romantic view. Just take the train, bus or subway to the stop “Praterstern” and take a walk through the beautiful park.

Small Café and Maria am Gestade Church

Here, the main characters meet not only a fortune teller, but also walk through the streets as you can do today. The church Maria am Gestade and the café are located in a wonderfully central, but not overcrowded, location near St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Arena – Music-Location

The legendary Arena arena is also glaring in the film. Littered with graffiti and with many musical talents, today it is bursting with more life than it did 20 years ago. Unfortunately, there are no Pinball games.

Café Sperl

The Café Sperl has retained its rustic charm. Where in the film Jesse and Celine mimic phone calls, you can sit today in the same velvet-based armchairs in front of the same paneling. A wonderfully old-fashioned place!

the Albertina

On the balcony in front of the Albertina, the main characters enjoy a magnificent view of the opera at night. The same should be true of visitors today, as it is much less crowded in the evenings than during the day. However, photos can be taken at any time of the day.

the Albrecht statue

Here, the characters enjoy their last minutes before they have to say goodbye and Jesse goes back to Westbahnhof. The monument is actually located on the Albertina, so it’s only a short walk to this last point of the tour.