Travelling to Vienna as a group

Visiting Vienna as part of a travel group

When you’re together, you are much less alone. As a matter of fact, group travel is becoming increasingly popular. More and more public and private providers are specialising in planning package holidays for private or open groups and offering them as group trips.

The motivation behind group travel is clear: Company makes a trip significantly more memorable and the experiences had are made even better when meeting new people is involved. Aside from that, good discounts are offered to groups which are not often available for single travellers, therefore saving unnecessary costs.

Touristengruppe auf dem Michaelerplatz
Tourist group © tupungato /

Group trips – Travelling with others

Age does not matter when it comes to group travel. Most people’s first experiences of school are class trips. Then later as a student, many are drawn to study trips or days out with friends. During working life, business trips with colleagues can significantly improve the job and even for senior citizens, group travel is a popular way of enjoying retirement.

Each individual group also has different demands. For school trips, the motto is: The simpler, the better. Youth hostels with communal rooms for group activities are the most suitable. Trips with co-workers of a company are better accommodated with a nicer hotel. Here, the duration of the trip also plays a role. Depending on the destination, a group can book a private bus or even a reduced-fare train ticket. Even if only for one night or a weekend, a well-planned group trip can have its merits.

Special offers

Nowadays, train as well as bus companies have special offers. These are usually in terms of cheap-priced tickets. There are separate categories for day trips and longer stays. These include a hotel stay, sightseeing, and, may even feature a set programme in cooperation with tour guides. The group itself decides what it wants from this. The offer ranges from museum entry to guided tours, culinary care, and private concerts. More and more services can be booked individually.