Schloss Neugebäude Palace – A Mannerist palace in Vienna

Intended as a pleasure palace and viewpoint after a hunt and for celebrations

Schloss Neugebäude Palace was commissioned by Emperor Maximilian II and, according to legend, was constructed in every spot occupied by Sultan Süleiman’s camp complex during the Siege of Vienna in 1529. The building’s location was indeed chosen deliberately, as the Emperor wanted to declare his claim to power through a representative palace complex.

Kaiserebersdorf Palace (the “old” palace) served as an imperial residence and was the counterpart to the “new” palace, which was probably intended as a pure pleasure palace and belvedere, or viewpoint, after a hunt and for celebrations.

Construction work on the palace began in 1569. From an art-historical point of view, the complex could be described as being in the Mannerist style, that is, the transition period from Renaissance to baroque. It was first mentioned as the “neue Gepews” (new building) in October 1573.

Schloss Neugebäude mit Otmar Brix-Tafel (11. Bezirk)
Schloss Neugebäude Palace © Fürthner/PID

Schloss Neugebäude Palace

From the 17th century, the complex began to deteriorate and was partly dismantled, with some parts of the original building now located in Schönbrunn. At Maria Theresia’s request, several valuable elements (supposedly the large pillars and the bucrania, as well as two fountains) were mainly reused to build the Gloriette.

In 1744, the building was even used as an ammunition depot – during the 1848 revolution, the entirety of the army’s ammunition supplies were also stored in the premises – and in the 20th century, served as a factory hall. It was not until the 1970s that it became a protected monument and was only partially renovated in 2000.

Despite its desolate condition, Schloss Neugebäude Palace is one of the largest and most significant Mannerist residences north of the Alps.

In the meantime, the main building has also been reopened and used for various events.

Hof im Schloss Neugebäude (11. Bezirk)
Courtyard at Schloss Neugebäude Palace © Fürthner/PID

Guided tours through Schloss Neugebäude Palace

All rooms in the palace are accessible by way of a guided tour that takes place once a month. You can find times and contact details for registration on the website for Schloss Neugebäude Palace.

Durchgang im Schloss Neugebäude
Passage in Schloss Neugebäude Palace © Fürthner/PID

How to reach the palace

Address: 11th Viennese district, Simmering – Otmar-Brix-Gasse 1, 1110 Vienna
Public transport: Tram line 6, stop: Pantucekgasse/Widholzgasse and 15 minutes on foot

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