Kristen Sarah’s Food Adventures in Vienna

a culinary journey of the international blogger and influencer

The foodblogger Kristen is going on a food trip to Austria and gets to know traditional and unusual food.

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Her trip starts at “Vollpension”, an intergenerational café with vintage design and individual charme. The Idea: Old people have the longest experience with baking and often, they know the best recipes, too. Nevertheless, it is obvious how the older generation is often excluded from daily life and becoming increasingly isolated.

At “Café Vollpension”, a bridge is built between old and young and it is intended as a place to meet each other. The old people bake for everyone and the assortment varies, but Kristen witnesses how everything is made with love. She tries the famous “Sacher Cake”, a chocolate cake with jam, which she enjoys vividly.

A stop at Demel

The second stop is the traditional café Demel in the inner city. The café is popular among tourists and prepares its pastry and chocolates according to the motto: Everything handmade.  Kristen tries apple strudel, a classical dessert with a thin crust made from butter dough and apple filling. The crust has to be very thin in order not to dominate the taste of the apple paste inside.

A food adventure with “Wiener Schnitzel”

When staying in Vienna, one should not miss the “Wiener Schnitzel”. Kristen likes the crust and the soft meat the most. She drinks red wine made in Austria, which gives the whole dinner a local touch.

Another specialty, which only exists at the restaurant “Heuer” in Vienna, is “Shrubs”. This is syrup, which is made from vinegar and has a slightly sour taste. The vinegar is produced locally and made exclusively for “Heuer”. Kristen is impressed by how little you can taste the vinegar and yet recognize a special taste.

Kristen’s food adventures are only a small glimpse of what Vienna has to offer. Whoever has the time and interest, should not hesitate and explore herself.

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