Hagenbachklamm – a walk in the outdoors

A perfect tip for a family Sunday out

Within Eichenhain Nature Park, part of the Vienna Woods, the natural Hagenbachklamm ravine was formed. Here, the Hagenbach stream slithers past tall old oaks, beech trees, and other deciduous trees. When following the stream, you may even find yourself marching in shallow water.

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Where the ravine ends, there is a large children’s playground and a sanctuary for birds of prey. This is the largest private sanctuary of its kind in Europe and home to around 300 birds, from Andean Condors to Peregrine Falcons. Guided tours are offered here, rounding off a family excursion to the ravine perfectly. The ravine is therefore ideal for a short Sunday afternoon hike.

Hiking tour from Hagenbachklamm – Tulbingerkogel

For those who want something a little longer and to get some more exercise, there is always an extension of the hiking tour available, leading to the Tulbingerkogel. After the Hagenbachklamm ravine ends, you will find yourself in Unterkichbach. From there, you can head up the Tulbingerkogel via Hainbuch. The trail ends at the Leopold-Figl Lookout Tower, where you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the surroundings.

To return, you can either go back the way you came, or walk to Königstetten along the Planetenweg path.

Duration of hiking tour

Walking time through the Hagenbachklamm ravine (there and back): max. 2 hours and 30 minutes
Walking time to the Tulbingerkogel (there and back): between 4 and 5 hours
Be sure to factor in an extra 1 hour if visiting the birds of prey sanctuary

How to reach Hagenbachklamm

Address: (Car park) Hagenbachklamm, 3423 St Andrä-Wördern
Public transport:
 A short train ride to Klosterneuburg-Kierling or take the S-Bahn, stop: Zeiselmauer-Königstetten and take the regional bus to Hagenbachklamm

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