7 tips – good and cheap food in Vienna

Local where you can eat well with 10 euros.

Where and when can you eat cheaply in Vienna? First of all, the cheap menu of the day is always at lunchtime. Due to the daily changing lunch menu, the restaurants and Beisln can also set the price low and offer customers a cheap, but still good food. For +/- 5 euros you get at the following restaurants already a good main course, plus drink you stay under 10 euros in any case.

Schnitzel mit Pommes Frites und einer Zitronenscheibe
Wiener Schnitzel CC0 Pixabay

Kolar – Flatbread

The Kolar Beisl offers daily flatbread with daily changing fillings from chicken to tomato, mozarella and whoever likes it sweet gets with Nutella.

Die Fladerei

The restaurant was named after the flatbread served there. It offers a large variety of daily flatbread of Mexican, pulled beef, mozarella, bolognese and herb cream with bacon which changes daily and can be read in advance on their Website. Fladereien there are meanwhile on Salzgries, in the Berggasse and Mittersteig.

Cafe Votiv

For all friends of down-to-earth food and Viennese cuisine, especially the Cafe Votiv is the right tip. For selection there are daily 5 lunch menus (goulash, vegetable curry, Wiener Schnitzel …), which are offered without soup at 6,30 Euro.


Another down-to-earth dining tip is the Minoritenstüberl, which actually functions as a canteen for the Ministry of Education, but just asks for a casual 6.90 for the main dish. In addition, the restaurant is run by Andi Wojta, a well-known TV chef. On the menu card, or on the menu for the lunch menu you read from Schnitzel, Krautfleckerl, goulash, stuffed Backenderl … all kinds of choices.

Max & Benito

As a cheap alternative you get in the restaurant Max & Benito with burritos and tacos an introduction to the Mexican cuisine. At two locations – once in Mariahilferstraße, near the Museumsquartier and in Wipplingerstraße, near the Jurdikum – you can even assemble your own food

Pizzaria Mafiosi

The restaurant Pizzaria Mafiosi even claims to offer itself “The best, largest and cheapest pizza in Vienna”. With a pizza offer under 4 euros, the restaurant is definitely the entry. The restaurant is located in the Reindorfgasse 15, 1150 Vienna, near Gumpendorferstraße where there is also a subway station.

Local where you determine the price yourself

If you prefer to determine the price yourself, you can visit the Viennese “pay as you wish” -Local.