Beethoven Museum – A memorial to the composer

A comprehensive memorial in Beethoven’s former home in Heiligenstadt

Beethoven’s former apartment in Heiligenstadt has been extended to form the Beethoven Museum, a comprehensive memorial site. The life and work of Ludwig van Beethoven has an inseparable connection with Vienna. In 1787, composer Ludwig van Beethoven came to Vienna for the first time to study with Mozart. From 1792 onwards, he lived and worked continuously in the city.

In the early 19th century, Heiligenstadt was a winegrowers’ village. Many health resort guests were attracted to the village due to a bathing facility and its healing powers. Beethoven too searched for healing here, or at least, some improvement to his hearing difficulties.

Außenanischt Hofbereich des Wohngebäudes
Flat- Foto: Hertha Hurnaus © Wien Museum

Exhibition course in the Beethoven Museum

The exhibition course runs through 14 rooms, which display the history of the building, Beethoven’s move from Bonn to Vienna, his stay in the former “health resort of Heiligenstadt”, and his composing work.

When Beethoven found out that there was no cure for his deafness, he wrote his “Heiligenstadt Testament” in his despair. Nevertheless, he worked on major compositions.

Ausstellungsbereiche in der Wohnung in Heiligenstadt
Flat – Foto: Hertha Hurnaus © Wien Museum

Beethoven’s apartments in Vienna

The locations of the Wien Museum include three flats that are connected with Beethoven. He lived in his flat in the Pasqualati House in the city centre again and again between 1804 and 1815. There, he worked on his opera “Fidelio” and on piano pieces such as “Für Elise”. He also lived in the Eroicahaus, where a major part of his 3rd Symphony, the “Eroica” was born in November 1803.

How to reach the Beethoven Museum

Address: Probusgasse 6, 1190 Vienna
Public transport: Bus line 38A, stop: Armbrustergasse and 3 minutes on foot

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