Zuckerlwerkstatt – handmade sweets

Manufactory for creative sweets according to old traditional recipes

In the Herrengasse, Vienna city center, is the Zuckerlwerkstatt, a candy factory! Directly in the shop is also the production of sweet delicacies, which you may also follow at certain times of the day. Meanwhile, the shop is famous for its revival of traditional sweets. Above all, the small striped cushions with cocoa filling and a silky shine, also known as “Seidenzuckerl” revive the memories of the childhood of many older visitors.

Regal mit Bonbons gefüllt
Zuckerl © Zr

Sweets according to old traditional recipes

The sugars or candies are made according to old original recipes of the Viennese KuK Hoflieferanten Heller as they were then by hand. This is done even with the eyes of the visitors, because the manufactory is also a show business.


Even before the shop you get an overview of the sweet seduction that exists within the candy shop. A board with the inscription “Sweet dreams are handmade” shows the time of the next show production.

Auslage mit Tafel mit den Uhrzeiten des Schaubetriebs
Schaubetrieb © Zr

Zuckerlwerkstatt with many sweets

The candy shop offers the following sweets: silk candy, roll sugar which are produced with the original embossing rollers from the year 1910, glass sugar drops, motif sugar with motives and lettering for certain occasions and excerpts from the original candy series of the producer F.W. Heller from the year 1898.

Shop mit großer Auswahl an Bonbons
Shop © Zr

Arrival and location

Adress: Herrengasse 6-8, 1010 Vienna

Here we go to the store with the sweets