The Imperial Butterfly House

a popular attraction in Vienna’s city center

The Imperial Butterfly House in the Palm House at “Burggarten” impresses visitors with a colorful variety of plants and butterflies. Here you can admire the animals and the architecture of the house at the same time – all year long. It is not for nothing that it is called Europe’s most beautiful greenhouse.

Schmetterlingshaus mit Besuchern des Volksgarten im Vordergrund
Schmetterlingshaus © Zr

from Schönbrunn to the Burggarten

Originally, the Butterlfy House was built and opened in Schönbrunn in 1990, but moved to the Palm House shortly after in 1997, where it continues to be a popular attraction for tourists until today. One may wander around, discover, and admire more than 40 different species of butterflies, which live inside the house, flying around freely. The great facade and the natural light allow for great pictures, too.

It is important for the butterflies to be provided with a natural habitat. That is the reason for the careful selection of plants and a steady temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. The birth of the butterflies can be watched in the so-called “pupae-box”.

360 degrees inside view

Butterfly house – architecture

Not just the inside of the house is impressive; the architecture itself is, too. The Palm House was built in 1901 and is a symbol for the art nouveau culture in Vienna. Thanks to its central location, the Butterfly House is close to the café inside the Palm House, too, which has a cozy French flair.

opening hours

The Butterfly House is open from 10am to 4.45pm in summer and until 6.15 pm during the weekends. In winter, it closes at 3.45pm. Guided tours are available on request and limited to a maximum of 15 people. The tours can be booked for children and school classes, too.

Arrival and location

Address: Josefsplatz, 1010 Wien
Public accessibility: Walk through the Viennese town center, near Albertina and Burggarten

Further details on the opening hours