The 8 best ice cream parlors with vegan ice cream

Ice cream without animal products like milk and eggs, so vegan.

In addition to the numerous traditional and modern ice cream parlors in Vienna, it is no longer difficult for vegans to find ice cream without animal products. From ice cream shops with a completely vegan map to the oldest ice cream shops in Vienna, the offer in Vienna now extends.

Frau mit Eiscreme
Joy of ice cream CC0 / Pixabay

We have the best vegan ice cream shops listed for you!

-) Veganista

The owners of Veganista prove that delicious ice-cream can also be vegan. Fresh, regional and sustainable. Four times you will find probably the most famous vegan ice cream parlor in Vienna. 18 different varieties are offered daily, including classics such as chocolate and strawberry and innovative varieties such as basil.

Address: Neustiftgasse 23, 1070 Vienna & Margaretenstrasse 51, 1050 Vienna & Alserbachstrasse 5, 1090 Vienna & Taborstrasse 15, 1020 Vienna

-) Gelateria Vegana – Olvi

Diese Gelateria bietet 100% Veganes Eis. Das wird natürlich mit Liebe und nur aus Veganen Zutaten hergestellt. Mittlerweile werden 20 verschiedene Sorten hergestellt. Die Gelateria Vegana

Adresse: Währinger Str. 9, 1090 Wien

-) Eis Greissler

The two small blue and white checkered ice cream shops in Vienna have been attracting ice cream enthusiasts from all over the world since 2011. Free of artificial additives and artificial flavors is the ice cream Eis Greissler. Of the 18 organic varieties, 7 are vegan. In addition to the classics, there are also unusual varieties such as Zotter chocolate, pumpkin seed oil, Graumohn, butter biscuit or goat’s cheese sorbet.

Address: Mariahilfer Straße 33, 1060 Vienna & Rotenturmstraße 14, 1010 Vienna

-) Schelato

Between unusual varieties such as beet with poppy seeds or black sesame seeds, Schelato also includes classics such as vanilla and chocolate and vegan varieties. Most of the ingredients come from organic farms and the bags are vegan.

Address: Lerchenfelder Str. 34, 1080 Vienna

-) Vidoni

From classic to creative, Vidoni has its own taste. From well-tried classics such as strawberry, vanilla and chocolate to unusual varieties such as lime basil, raspberry violet or pecan maple. In production, special attention is paid to organic quality and regional raw materials and all varieties are vegan!

Address: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 2c, 1030 Vienna

-) Zanoni & Zanoni

There is a lot of sweet selection in the Inner City at Zanoni & Zanoni. Meanwhile, vegan varieties are also on the menu here. Especially recommended: Chocolata the Austria – ice cream with the taste of a Sachertorte.

Address: am Lugeck 7, 1010 Vienna & am Graben 19, 1010 Vienna & Burgring 1, 1010 Vienna

-) Eissalon at Schwedenplatz

Right in the heart of Vienna, in the middle of the famous Schwedenplatz, is the ice cream parlor on Schwedenplatz. Here you will be offered a selection of over 100 ice creams! Especially recommended are the “Varieties of the Day”, where seasonal delicacies such as apricot or chestnuts are available.

Address: Franz-Josefs-Kai 17, 1010 Vienna

-) Leones Gelato

Traditional Italian ice cream made from fresh, natural ingredients without artificial additives can be found at Leones Gelato in the 8th district. For the vegan varieties is omitted here on soy products. Varieties such as watermelon, pineapple mint or nectarine are freshly prepared here every day.

Address: Lange Gasse 78, 1080 Vienna & Praterstrasse 16, 1020 Vienna