St. Rochus Church – The Parish Church of St. Rochus and Sebastian

Dedicated to the Saints Rochus and Sebastian

The Roman Catholic parish church of St. Rochus and Sebastian, also known as St. Rochus Church, was built in 1642 and dedicated to St. Sebastian. In 1683, it was completely destroyed and then rebuilt. 16 years later, a plague brotherhood was established under St. Rochus’ protection and since then, the church has carried the names of both saints.

The church got its baroque appearance in 1721 and has barely changed from the outside ever since. St. Rochus Church is decorated with a statue of Saint Augustine and on both sides, features the monks Thomas of Villanova and Nicholas of Tolentino.

Seitenansicht der Rochuskirche (3., Landstraßer Hauptstraße 56)
Side view of St. Rochus Church © Kromus/PID

The church’s magnificent interior

It is worth mentioning the splendid oratory window with its red moulding and golden ornaments. The communion bench is also made from red marble. Its recesses are adorned by cherubs, who portray both divine and cardinal virtues. For example, the heart represents love, while the scales stand for justice.

According to legend, the two large bronze candlesticks were made from Ottoman cannons which had been left behind following the Second Turkish Siege of Vienna. In any case, the inscription indicates that they were cast by Johann Kippo in 1687.

Innenansicht der Wiener Rochuskirche (3., Landstraßer Hauptstraße 56)
Interior view of Vienna’s St. Rochus Church © Kromus/PID

Significant baroque high altar

During the 1960s, a temporary people’s altar was built, which was then replaced by the original baroque altar in 2006. Since then, the priest stands partly with his back towards the during the Eucharist mass.

In 1690, Emperor Leopold I donated the high altar which was completed by baroque painter Peter Strudel. The image, which portrays the suffering of the sick, dying, and mourning, commemorates the plague in Vienna in 1679. Many saints are gathered together in this work, such as Sebastian and Rosalia. Mary is also surrounded by angels and pointing to the city of Vienna, in prayer to the Holy Trinity.

Altar der Rochuskirche (3., Landstraßer Hauptstraße 56)
Altar of St. Rochus Church © Kromus/PID

How to reach the church

Address: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 56, 1030 Vienna
Public transport: Underground line U3, station: Rochusgasse

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