Schnitzel Vienna – Viennese schnitzel in Vienna

Not all schnitzels are the same. If you browse through some menus and look at some plates and admire the results, you get to know various creations and idiosyncrasies. An original Schnitzel Vienna dish, served as “Wiener Schnitzel”, should only be prepared with veal. In addition, you need a feeling for the optimal choice of meat and the perfect cut. Things really get started in the kitchen. The beating, the baking and above all the way of creating a beautiful, attractive and good-tasting breading are only for professionals.

Schnitzel Vienna – Viennese schnitzel in Vienna

Meissl & Schadn offers hearty “Schnitzel Love” cuisine 🙂 This restaurant has focused entirely on this delicacy. You can order it in clarified butter, lard or oil, or make it yourself in a cooking class.

The restaurant “Zum Schwarzen Kameel” is a culinary institution. This restaurant can look back on a 400-year tradition. Despite this, or perhaps precisely because of this, it is worth a must-visit. The Schnitzel Vienna is still worth every euro here.

The popular Gmoakeller can look back on at least over 150 years. The Gmoakeller is known for traditional Viennese tavern cuisine with a strong dash of modernity. The veal Viennese with potato salad is of course part of the standard menu here.

The Figlmüller is located in Wiener Wollzeile. As a guiding principle, the saying “Our schnitzel connects people. Simply because of its size” is also implemented locally. Because here there are golden brown specimens that are on average 30 centimeters tall.

The Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper is dedicated to the art of the original Wiener Schnitzel.

The Plachutta family has dedicated itself to this with its branch on Walfischgasse near the opera. As with Tafelspitz in the other locations, full attention is paid to the Viennese classic in the golden yellow breadcrumbs, thereby achieving reliably high quality in a cozy atmosphere.

Meixner’s restaurant is also a hot tip for culinary tours through Vienna. Traditional Viennese cuisine at a reasonable price-performance ratio is still offered here.

The Gasthaus zu den drei Hacken also presents itself authentically. Located in downtown Vienna, the Wiener Schnitzel made from clarified butter is of course also on the menu.

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