Römermuseum Wien – Roman Museum Vindobona

Vindobona: the legion camp almost 2,000 years ago in today’s Vienna city center

Vienna’s city center as a Roman legion camp? The Wien Museum enables us to travel back in time to the Vienna of the 2nd and 3rd centuries. In the Roman Museum on the Hoher Markt in the 1st district of Vienna you can admire Vindobona.

Visitors will be able to experience ancient Vienna with all their senses through digital reconstructions. Combined with the remaining remains of the tribune houses and the 300 exhibits in the basement, a fascinating insight into the daily lives of the soldiers and inhabitants of Vindobona is provided.

Dauerausstellung im Museum mit Karten der Altstadt
Römermuseum – Foto: Hertha Hurnaus © Wien Museum

Vindobona – Legion camp and civil settlement

In the last decade of the 1st century AD, the Roman army established another military base 30 miles from Carnuntum, now known as the Lower Austrian Bruck an der Leitha.

But was the base really only used for military purposes? – Of course not. In the heyday, about 300,000 people of various origins lived in Vindobona. Excavations have even provided evidence of a Roman-Celtic mixed culture.


Römisches Tintenfass oder Salbgefäß, 1. Jhdt vor Christus
Roman inkwell © Wien Museum

Salvete in Vindobona! In addition to special buildings, such as the staff building and some spas, residential buildings and commercial enterprises were built on the 130,000 m2 area – today’s Vienna city center. Leisure facilities such as taverns and brothels made life easier for the legionnaires in Vindobona.

Dauerausstellung im Museum mit Besucherin
Römermuseum – Foto: Hertha Hurnaus © Wien Museum

350 years of Roman activity in the Roman Museum

The 300 exhibits of the permanent exhibition were supplemented with digital reconstructions. At various gaming stations, animation films about the supply of Vindobona, replicas for attacking and a Playmobil® legionary camp are presented. Detailed information is available via video guide in German, English and sign language.

Arrival and location

Address: Hoher Markt 3, 1010 Vienna
Public accessibility: 7 minutes walk from Stephansplatz

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