Peilstein, climbing, and hiking in the southern Vienna Woods

A steep-faced limestone mountain from the remains of the Paratethys Ocean

At 716m above sea level, the Peilstein, a steep-faced limestone mountain, is one of the most beautiful and rocky elevations in the southern Vienna Woods. It lies in the municipal area of Altenmarkt and Weißenbach and, due to its precipitous, high cliff faces, it is a popular climbing park.

At its peak, you will find the Peilsteinhaus from the Austrian Alpine Association, which was built in 1923, and in the immediate vicinity there is a cross on the edge of one cliff. A path, or “Steigerl”, runs south along the cliff faces. Here, you will be rewarded with breath-taking rock formations and a distant view of the Gutenstein Alps.

Peilstein Ferrata Vienna Woods alpine Panorama of Cimone Tower
Peilstein Ferrata Vienna Woods © Herbert /

Climbing and fixed-rope climbing route at Peilstein

The climbing park at Peilstein offers over 800 routes in all difficulties from 1 to 11. Within the walls of the mountain there are around 6000 bolts to allow you to reach the top as safely as possible, making the rocks suitable for beginners as well as experienced climbers.


frau beim klettersteig angeseilt
Fixed-rope climbing route © derbo /

A very successful aerial view of a climbing course on Cimone and the Peilstein walls. “Cimone” is the name given to the freestanding rock formation.

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Hiking trails on the Peilstein

In addition to the climbing walls, there are also many hiking paths you can take up or over the mountain. Because the rock originates from the remnants of the Paratethys Ocean, you can still find large ammonite fossils and fossils of shells and snails there today.

Below are a selection of recommended hiking paths:

From Schwarzensee to the Peilsteinhaus

This is an easy and short walk upwards to the Peilstein from the Schwarzensee. Awaiting hikers there is the Peilstein hut, which was erected by the Naturfreunde (Friends of Nature) after the Second World War.

Nordalpenweg, E02: Peilsteinhaus – Waxeneckhaus

This is already a very challenging hiking path. This runs from the Peilsteinhaus down to Weissenbach an der Triesting and upwards again to the Waxeneckhaus on the Waxeneck.

The Peilstein Circuit, a circular hike

This round trail circles the Viennese climbing paradise. Starting and finishing at Schwarzensee, this circular trail is a “round affair” in the truest sense of the word.

Discover 3 pilgrimage churches on foot

Another hiking tip can be found near the Peilstein. This trail connects 3 pilgrimage churches: Klein-Mariazell Basilica and the pilgrimage churches in Hafnerberg and Altenmarkt an der Triesting.

Large Peilstein Circuit via Hafnerberg

A further idea for a circular walk begins in Weissenbach an der Triesting. During this, the Hafnerberg is connected to the Peilstein before the path returns to its starting point via Neuhaus.
This hiking route can also be perfectly combined with public transport. Weissenbach has a railway station and can be reached in 1 hour and 15 minutes from Vienna with the following connections: Vienna Hauptbahnhof -> Leobersdorf Bahnhof -> Bahnhof Weissenbach Neuhaus.