Night tours or at night in the museum

Being in the evening and at night, getting to know the city, a museum or even the Tiergarten from a different angle, all this has a special charm. Things get exciting when you even spend the night in the museum. The nightly guided tours are also a great surprise and therefore a tip for seekers for ideas and gifts for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.

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Night tour – Zoo Vienna

When the day comes to an end and the last visitors have left, the gates of Zoo Vienna open up for very special insights into the world of zoo residents. In the evening, small groups of a maximum of 20 people are guided through the Tiergarten during night tours. The trained staff show the best places to observe nocturnal but also sleeping animals.

The tours take 1.5 hours, and special equipment (residual light amplifier) allows interference-free observation. As a result, the animals feel unobserved and the visitors get ingenious insights into their night activities.

Attention: A timely registration is required for these events!

City tour to the witching hour

At night with a city guide, a city guide, a city guide with background information about the city. There are well-known places such as the Hofburg, Augustinerkirche, the New Market, as well as the Blutgassenviertel and St. Stephen’s Cathedral visited. There are scary stories and details about Vienna’s vampire countesses, as well as Myten and dark legends.
Duration of the tour: 2 hours
Language: German or English

Tour: more details

NHM Vienna – One night in the museum

With a special highlight, or as a cool gift suitable, provides the Natural History Museum -> a night in the museum!

For children and families (or accompanying person) there is not much time to sleep. Starting with the film screening in the Digital Planetarium, a flashlight tour, bedtime and the temporary “bedroom” the dinosaur hall there is much to experience.

Although the adult program offers the same sleeping place, but a customized social program. Beginners with a welcome drink will be followed by a live show with General Director Christian Köberl in the Digital Planetarium, a gala dinner with live music in the cupola hall, and finally a flashlight tour through the show collections with a rooftop tour.

For those who do not want to spend the night, there is also a night tour. The NHM “Darkside” tour offers a journey through the nocturnal museum.

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KHM – Evening Tours

On Thursdays the Kunsthistorisches Museum is open until 9pm. At 18:30 there is also an evening tour, meeting point vestibule. The tour focuses on the visual senses and the joy of imagination. Participation is free!