Donauturm: A moving restaurant visit with a panoramic view

35 seconds to the rotating panorama restaurant :-)

Drink a coffee and enjoy great food with a moving panoramic view

…or simply take advantage of the terrace. The Donauturm (Danube Tower), one of the landmarks of Vienna, has towered 250 metres into the sky above the city since its opening in 1964. It was built on the occasion of the Vienna International Garden Show (WIG). Today, 2 express lifts bring close to half a million visitors to its lofty heights every year – to bring them up to 165 metres high. Those who would prefer to have a bit of thigh work-out can, of course, take the more than 770 steps.

Sonnenuntergang über Wien (Blick über den Donaupark auf den Kahlenberg)
Sunset over Vienna, ©Österreich Werbung, Fotograf:

The restaurant and coffeehouse are constantly and slowly rotating, meaning that even if you are sitting down – for coffee and cake or dinner – you can enjoy an all-round view of Vienna.

Great special events such as the Full Moon Night, Magic Evenings, or even “Booty Camps” are offered throughout the year. The Donauturm Restaurant offers traditional regional treats in a modern ambience. The coffeehouse is non-smoking.

The view of Vienna from the Donauturm

Brigittenauerbrücke vom Donauturm Richtung 20.Bezirk
Brigittenauer Bridge, © Schaub-Walzer / PID

Firstly, the viewing terrace boasts an all-round freely accessible platform. Secondly, it features a glazed interior with two levels. As a result, an exciting view is not only guaranteed day and night, but in any kind of weather.

360-degree view

For more thrills, activities such as bungee jumping, Australian abseiling, and stair races are also offered at special times.

Technical information about the tower

The tower has an overall height of 252m, while the central floor is located 165m high, and the viewing terraces at 155m and 150m respectively.

  • Weight of the tower: 17,600 tonnes
  • Diameter of the tower: at ground, 12m; the tower tapers towards 6m at 160m in height
  • Foundation: 8m deep and 31m in diameter
  • Express lifts: 2 express lifts with a capacity of 15 people each
    • Speed of the lifts: 6.2 m/sec.
    • Duration of a trip: 35 seconds to the central floor at 165m high

Transportation capacity: 1 hour -> 1,600 people

How to reach this Viennese landmark:

Address: Donauturm Aussichtsturm- und Restaurantbetriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. Donauturmplatz 1, A-1220 Vienna
Map of the 252m high building:

Further information on the landmark