A luxury holiday in Vienna

The imperial city combines traditional luxury with international chic

Vienna offers more than just a stunning cityscape. Rather, the city was culturally and culinarily exclusive as early as imperial times. Nowadays, it pairs traditional luxury with international chic.

people shopping on graben street in the night, one of the most famous shopping streets and important promenades in vienna's city centre.
people shopping on graben/tuchlauben street © radub85 /

Traditional handicrafts and international brands

Luxury is a Viennese tradition: In the past, only the best artisans with the “k.u.k.” seal of approval, the sign of imperial and royal suppliers, were allowed to display their works. Their quality has remained to this day, which is why the court confectioners “Demel” and “Sacher” are still going today, celebrating the art of handmade confectionery. Even the traditional Viennese cuisine can be exclusive –  at Steirereck in Stadtpark, it meets modern exquisiteness, which is why the restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars. It also ranks number 11 on the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

Equally exclusive handicraft can be found with the fine cobbler Ludwig Reiter or the Mühlbauer hat manufacturers. Lately, even Lady GaGa, Brad Pitt, and Madonna were counted among their customers.

However, Vienna has more than just its own quality to offer. International luxury brands such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Burberry can be found in the inner city. Most luxury shops are located between Kohlmarkt and Kärntnerstraße. For example, Kohlmarkt features the jewellery and watchmakers Chopard, a shop from American designer Michael Kors, and French brand Dior.

Luxury holiday – a luxurious stay

Those who want to enjoy Viennese luxury will not have any difficulties finding the perfect accommodation. The Park Hyatt group has a five-star hotel directly in the Golden Quarter in the centre. You can also find options for luxury stays for your luxury holiday on the Vienna Ringstraße. There, the Hotel “Imperial” is long-established. In this hotel, you can avail of a butler in one suite and receive ironed newspapers every morning. If staying at Sofitel in the inner city, you can enjoy a splendid view of the old town from the glazed penthouse restaurant “Le Loft”.

Außenansicht des Eingangsbereichs von Hotel Bristol
Hotel Bristol © moovstock /

Even rests can be luxurious in Vienna. Many of the traditional coffehouses in Vienna boast historically impressive marble and offer a luxury that has become rare nowadays: time. This is because in these establishments, you can linger, take your time, read, and talk. When in a Viennese coffeehouse, you don’t just drink coffee, you enjoy life.