Stephansplatz – historic city center

The Stephansplatz is located in the center of the city and is a central hub, pedestrian area and home to the world famous church building, St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Nachtansicht des Stephansplatzes mit Haas Haus und Stephansdom
Haas Haus und Stephansdom © Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Popp G.

The development to the center of the city

As part of the city expansion in 1200 St. Stephen was within the city wall, around 1500 were established cathedral and cathedral square as a center. This was originally different, because in the 12th century, when the construction of the later cathedral was begun and also at the time of the consecration in 1147, the site of the church was outside the city walls.

Due to these changes in the function of the Stephansplatz, it came in the following centuries to some modifications.

360 degree panorama

Junction for pedestrians and subway lines

In 1978, the Stephansplatz was opened by the subway line U1, since 1991, this intersects with the U3 underground line. The subway line section between the stations Karlsplatz and Stephansplatz is today the most frequented of the city. The confluence of Graben and Kärnter Straße connects the main shopping streets of the city center.

Stephansplatz – Hotspot for tourists

One of the first tourist destinations is Stephansplatz with the famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral. A visit to the city of Vienna without a photo of the cathedral would not be realistic for most visitors. As a result, many people in the streets of this hub are also bustling around.

Attractions on Stephansplatz

In addition to the cathedral, there are also some other highlights along the course. Starting from the Virgilkapelle, the Dom Museum, the Haas Haus, many historic buildings, a Manner shop and many other shops, there are plenty of impressions to be found here.

Location of Stephansplatz: