Stadtpark Vienna: A historical green oasis

Vienna’s first public park complex

Vienna’s first public park complex – the Stadtpark (City Park) – has existed since the Ringstraße was built in 1860, and originally extended from the left bank of the Wien river. It is spread over an area of 65,000m² and is situated between the Parkring in Vienna’s 1st district to the Heumarkt in the 3rd district.

Decorative garden, monuments, and sculptures

The park, with its beautiful shrubs, flower beds, and romantic, winding paths, was opened on August 21st, 1862. It has a perfect selection of ornamental shrubs, meaning that you will experience the park in blossom at virtually any time of year. Two bridges in the park allow you to cross the Wien river. These are joined by a number of statues such as the golden Johann Strauss, a bronze statue that is one of the most frequently photographed memorials in Vienna. Some other famous monuments include those dedicated to Franz Lehar, Franz Schubert, and Robert Stolz, as well as the painter Maler Hans Makart.

Stadtpark, mit Blumenuhr
Stadtpark © Schaub-Walzer / PID


Teich mit Spaziergängern im Wiener Stadtpark
Pond in the Vienna Stadtpark © Schaub-Walzer / PID

Musical flair

Among other things, Vienna is known for its popular public street music locations, for which the majority of artists have to register with Vienna’s municipal authority before playing. In this way, with a little bit of luck, visitors can also enjoy the decorative garden’s beauty with some musical accompaniment. In short: An enhancement of the park experience for fans of live acoustic performances! If you especially enjoy the performance, fo course, you can pay tribute with a small donation and the according applause.

Leere Parkbänke im Wiener Stadtpark
Empty park benches in the Vienna Stadtpark © Schaub-Walzer / PID


The Meierei (milk bar) in the Stadtpark

The Meierei Restaurant Steirereck is a hotspot for anyone looking for a snack. The former milk bar was built between 1901 and 1903 and after being destroyed during the Second World War, it was first rebuilt in a more simple way and then was rebuilt from scratch as a restaurant in 2004. Today, only the top of the mansard roof from 1903 remains from the original building.

360-degree view inside the Stadtpark with Johann Strauß monument

360-degree impressions of the green Stadtpark

Stadtpark Vienna: Tip – “Genussfestival”

A featured tip is the Genussfestival, which takes place every year during the Mother’s Day weekend. The first Genussfestival was held in 2008 and since then, has been organised by the City of Vienna and Kulinarisches Erbe Österreich (Culinary Heritage Austria) association every year since. With over 170 tents featuring products from regional traders across the nine federal states, visitors can try their way through and purchase diverse delicacies.

Address: Stadtpark, 1030 Vienna
Public transport: Underground line U4, station: Stadtpark, U3, station Stubentor, tram line 2, station: Weihburggasse