Spittelberg – enjoyment and culture in the Biedermeier quarter

The Spittelberg in Vienna is located near the city center and is today considered one of the most beautiful districts of Vienna. In addition to design cafes and romantic Beisln also takes place here annually the famous “Christmas market on Spittelberg” instead. The quarter has always been considered a stronghold of art and culture and looks back on an eventful history.

Spittelberg - Gasse mit Gastgarten (7. Bezirk)
Spittelberg © Schaub-Walzer / PID

Spittelberg – the history

Originally the name of the district comes from the “Spitalberg”, since it belonged since 1525 to the citizen hospital. It was not until 1850 that the Spittelberg was incorporated into the city of Vienna. Already before, however, he contributed decisively to the history of Vienna. Here the Turks are said to have stored during the Second Turkish siege to take Vienna. In order to give them little cover, the area was probably destroyed by the inhabitants themselves before it was finally razed to the ground by the besiegers.

Reconstructed for a long time, this district had a bad but exciting reputation. Due to the problematic hygienic conditions, the rents were low, which prostitutes and street artists were encountered. In 1776 Spittelberg acquired the right to act, which enriched the district with a few actors, musicians and artists. To this day the quarter has been lively and popular.

A walk through the culinary district

Trippers, walkers and explorers can look forward to a great culinary variety. Traditional Viennese cuisine can be found, for example, at the “Widow Bolte”, which is also the oldest restaurant in the district. Also the inn “Am Spittelberg” serves traditional and hearty.

Young and student on the other hand is in the “Amerling Beisl”. Tucked away in the courtyard is a romantic Biedermeier garden, where it is often served until late at night. It is upscale in the “Tian Bistro on Spittelberg”, which offers vegetarian cuisine.

“The Spittelberg” is run by chef Harald Brunner, who cooks particularly modern and fancy.

Biedermeier facades and Christmas market

The well-preserved, almost enchanted quarter is also worthwhile for a trip that does not have to be culinary. A walk along the Biedermeier facades offers beautiful photo opportunities.

In winter, the Christmas market is also held, offering locally produced and organic produce. Also crafts and many different delicacies can be enjoyed every year. In addition, the “Theater am Spittelberg”, a cinema and “das möbel”, a design café with regular concerts, can be found in a small space. Numerous events enrich the cultural scene of the district.