Museums for kids – guaranteed adventure and fun

Quiz rallies, children’s programmes, and interactive stations in Vienna’s museums

Interactive museums

The Zoom Children’s Museum in Museumsquartier is the perfect destination for all those who like to get involved. With a total area of 1,600m², this museum offers the chance to explore, inquire, and research with every sense. The interactive exhibit and the cartoon studio are especially worth checking out.

The Theatre Kids Afternoon takes place twice a month at the Theatre Museum, where visitors can learn about all aspects of the theatre. As well as exciting exhibits, there is also a stage, where you can try out acting on stage for yourself. Costumes are, of course, provided so you’ll be sure to look the part!

Learn about technology

At the Technisches Museum (Museum of Technology), technology is brought to life and experienced in its truest form. The interactive experiments and multimedia features are so thrilling your hair will stand on end! What’s more, in the “Mini” and “Mini Mobil” children’s areas, technical phenomena are revealed in a playful way.

Those who are especially interested in transport should head to the “Remise” Transport Museum. The former Erdberg depot is home to historical and modern vehicles and offers interactive insights into public transport. From the horse tramway of imperial times to a trip in the underground simulator, they don’t miss a trick.

Discover history in the children’s museums

What was life actually like for Viennese princes and princesses? At Schönbrunn Palace, there is also a Children’s Museum, where young visitors can find out everything about everyday imperial life, and most recently, by dressing up in baroque dresses and wigs to make them feel like a true aristocrat!

Those who are more interested in the animal world should definitely pay a visit to the Natural History Museum, where you will meet small snails, giant elephants, and dangerous dinosaurs. One special offer is the adventure night in the museum with film show, torch-lit tour, and a sleepover in the Dinosaur Hall!

Opposite this, you will find the Art History Museum, where children can explore the treasures within independently using separate audio guides. In the children’s studio, they can even create their own work with paintbrush and paint.

Get to know art through play

Belvedere, Albertina, or the Museum of Modern Art (MUMOK): all offen separate children’s tours and creative workshops where children can design things themselves. Various puzzles and search games awake many a hidden museum detective!
A particular tip is the LEO Children’s Studio in the Leopoldmuseum, where the little ones can get up to all kinds of creativity after a brief tour on the history and secrets of the studio’s exhibition!

Experience music

At the Haus der Musik (House of Music), visitors can experience music with all of the senses. Giant instruments and computers offer the chance to play, research, and experiment. In addition to exciting information on musicians such as Beethoven and Mozart, you can also find out what a baby hears when in the womb. Visitors can try their hand at conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and strike up the Crocodile Blues with a zoo concert.

Kinder können Dirigent spielen
Virtual conductor © Inge Prader

You can find more about Mozart at Mozarthaus. With a children’s audio guide and exciting page of puzzles, young visitors can carry out research in the musician’s home.