KUNST HAUS WIEN. Museum Hundertwasser

The world’s only permanent exhibition of Friedensreich Hundertwasser

The Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser characterizes the KUNST HAUS WIEN founded in 1991: Not only that the Hundertwasser Museum, which is housed here, is the only permanent exhibition of his works in the world. Even the building itself was designed according to his ideas. And that means numerous uneven shapes and magnificent colors as well as many plants.

Außenansicht des Gebäudes
Kunst Haus Wien © yyyahuuu /

It was not for nothing that Hundertwasser was considered a committed environmental and nature activist throughout his life, advocating “humane” architecture. These included unevenness and freedom of design on the one hand, natural elements and plants on the other.

Accordingly, KUNST HAUS WIEN offers uneven floors, crooked forms and curves. In addition to bricks and wood, mainly ceramics and metal are used as materials. A glass front on the 1st floor allows as much daylight as possible. Nothing reminds one more of the former furniture factory Thonet, from whose construction the today’s museum originated.

courtyard of kunst haus wien, hundertwasser museum in 3rd district of vienna, austria
Kunst Haus Wien © tasfoto /

The Hundertwasser Museum in the ART HOUSE VIENNA

In the Hundertwasser Museum, visitors wander through the colorful works of the world-famous exceptional artist. His life’s work impresses in various techniques such as painting, printmaking, applied work and architecture. His high level of environmental awareness and his constant commitment to people and nature also make an impact in the permanent exhibition. Nice memories for the home can be found in the shop on the ground floor.

It is particularly recommendable to take part in a guided tour: In addition to guided tours, the KUNST HAUS WIEN also offers guided tours through the Hundertwasser Museum – either to painting, architecture or ecology.

Further exhibitions at the KUNST HAUS WIEN

Changing exhibitions of other well-known artists lure to the upper floors of KUNST HAUS. From painting and applied art to photography and video, exciting artists from Germany and abroad are regularly presented. Current exhibitions are constantly visible here.

Souvenirs for the home – from the museum shop

Before you go home, the well-stocked museum shop invites you to a final shopping spree and a browse. In addition to thematic souvenirs and unusual pieces, classic Viennese souvenirs are also on offer.

von Friedrich Hundertwasser verschönerter Eingangsbereich
Visitor area in the Museum © vvoennyy /

Arrival and Location Museum Hundertwasser:

Adress: Untere Weißgerberstraße 13, 1030 Wien
Public accessibility: Straßenbahnlinie 1 oder 0 bis Radetzkyplatz und 2 Minuten Fußweg.

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